Claudio Luraschi

The true principle of this experience we call «living» is «becoming».

Everything fluctuates, is transformed, is born and dies.

The «zero point» – the moment of transition from the old to the new, the known to the unknown, from fear to value – presents itself regularly.

Everyone has the opportunity to chose and decide on which side to stand.

We are not disappointed by «the real» but by our expectations which create a gap between our imagination and the actual events.

If we improve our perceptions, 90% of all suffering disappears.

The remaining 10% is useful suffering that makes us evolve and improve.

Freedom is the only alternative to fear. It is a way, not an end. We need it now, not later.

It is not a summit to conquer but the first step of the journey.

Transcending our sensations, it uncovers a big dream, which totally inspires and motivates us.

Freedom is to find something worthwhile living (and dying) for.

Kindness is not a conventionality. It is not a superficial or alternative way of being.

A kind person is someone who has found his place and acts accordingly. He has acknowledged his limitations, responsibilities and priorities.

Kindness is for people who have a meaning and a taste for life; while walking they look ahead to draw inspiration.

Meeting kind people makes the difference.