Claudio Luraschi

CHANGEis the keyword

In this world of rapid evolution change is not easy nor granted for any organization. Nevertheless, this is the challenge.

In order to initiate and align the process we need a vision that inspires all collaborators, regardless of their role.

switching toOPPOSITES

To switch from the old to the new, from simple to complex, from small to big is a specific ability of successful people and organizations.

Finding effective strategies to facilitate this process means being at a great competitive advantage.

aiming forTHE TARGET

YOUMOKSHA is an innovative approach to coaching that puts people at the center of the improvement process.

It focuses on individual goals, stressing values instead of needs, central issues instead of peripheral topics.

YOUMOKSHA aims directly for the target and exceeds it.


Neuroscience has discovered that we learn from role models and through imitation. If the leader wants to change he has to lead by example and the co-workers will follow.

This is a natural law, not an opinion.


We value the privacy of people and corporates.

Further information is available upon request.